Monday, December 4, 2023



·         IATI’2022 will be conducted as a hybrid tournament, in-person and online.

·         Because different countries have different restrictions on attending school halls and gathering people in one place, we allow competitors to work from home.

·         This does not prohibit in some places, competitors to be gathered in one room.

·         To ensure fairness of the competition, the competition system we will use, has integrated capabilities to monitor the competitor's screen.


Requirements for the competitor's computer

·         The competitor can use any middle-class personal computer (with e.g. 8 GB RAM, at  least 64 GB of free usable storage space,  CPU 2.5 GHz with at least 2 cores/4 threads) on which he/she can work with a C++ language environment, for example with CodeBlocks.

·         Good internet connection is required.

·         The operating system can be Windows, or Linux (e.g. Ubuntu), or other.

·         The recommended browser for working with the competition system is Google Chrome.

·         The competitor's computer may have a C ++ language environment installed, as well as other utilities, e.g. to open pdf documents, zip and text files.

·         Only a single screen is allowed per participant, i.e., cannot be used multiple external monitors

·         The competitor's computer hardware specifications do not necessarily match the grading computer specifications.

·         Hardware/network/electrical failures of contestant’s computer will not be grounds for extra time. Please provide spares for redundancy, if possible.


Brief Description of the Contest Rules

·         Competitors are expected to use and submit their solution through the BOS Bulgarian competition (judging) system, through a browser and internet connection.

·         Task solutions should be written in C/C++

·         Reference materials (written, printed, or digital forms) are not allowed.

·         Exceptions may be made for physical (printed) dictionaries.

·         During the contest, contestants should not (directly or indirectly) access any online resources.

·         During the competition there should be no communication with another persons, except for asking questions through the competition system.

·         There will be no online scoreboard during the contest, neither for the contestants nor the leaders. Results will be posted after each contest day.

·         Any suspicions of cheating will be investigated accordingly.


Proctors and Team Leaders

·         In places where more than one competitor will be gathered, there is expected to have a proctor.

·         The team leader is expected to be responsible for enforcing the online IATI’2022 contest rules for her/his team.

·         The team leader must distribute the credentials for entering the competition system individually to each contestant.