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Школа А§Б
Община Шумен
Шуменски университет „Епископ Константин Преславски”


Musala Soft
ПЕГ "Никола Йонков Вапцаров" - гр. Шумен
The profiled language high school is part of the national network of UNESCO-associated schools. The priorities of the Organization are intercultural education, education for sustainable development, peace and human rights, the creation of a knowledge society.
Veliki Preslav
The administrative center of the municipality - the town of Veliki Preslav, was founded more than 1110 years ago as a fortress town. In 893 it was proclaimed the capital of the Bulgarian state. Here were located the Palace of the Rulers, the Palace of the Bishop, and later - of the Patriarch. Preslav is a center of spiritual and literary life, it is associated with Slavic writing and the Golden Age of the Bulgarians. Today, the remains of numerous churches, monasteries, workshops, studios and palaces can be seen in the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve Veliki Preslav, and the masterpieces of the ancient masters – painted ceramics, seals, ornaments, weapons, etc. – in the Archaeological Museum.
Sava Dobroplodni, Secondary School
Sava Dobroplodni Secondary School provides a high-quality educational process, corresponding to the demands of the constantly changing world, in accordance with the European Union standards and in the spirit of democratic values.