General Information

Shumen is a city in Northeastern Bulgaria, administrative and economical center of the Shumen Province. The city is the 10th largest city in the country. Near the city of Shumen are the First Bulgarian Capitals – Pliska and Veliki Preslav.


Park “Kyoshkovete”
The place was used for resting since the time of the Renaissance. According to the legend, those who wish to settle must tie a piece of cloth to the branches of the trees near the fountain and drink from its water. The Ferdinand’s inscription, which is connected to the military maneuvers and the visit of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph in Bulgaria in 1906, is on one of the tourist routes.
Memorial Complex “Founders of the Bulgarian State”
The idea for the construction of the monument arose in 1977 during the preparation for the celebration of the 1300th anniversary of the foundation of our country. The history of Bulgaria from the 7th century to the 9th century, when the Shumen region is a center of the country, is told through the use of images, symbols, inscriptions and artifacts in the exhibition. The monument is the work of a team of architects and sculptors. It is exhibited for close and distant perception. A silhouette stands out from 30 km away, consisting of eight blocks of visible concrete, forming a spiral symbolizing the gradual development of the Bulgarian State.
Madara is a cult center in the early and late Bulgarian Middle Ages, for which not only the nature resourses but also the proximity to the First and Second Bulgarian capitals Pliska and Preslav take part. Here you can see sanctuaries, a pagan shrine, Christian churches and chapels. The most remarkable monument here is the unique Madara Rider rock relief from the 8th century. It is a model of the Old Bulgarian art and symbolizes the power and majesty of the Bulgarian State, without analog in Europe. The inscriptions around it, written in Greek, reveal moments from the управлението of three Bulgarian khans – Tervel, Krumesis and Omurtag. The Madara Rider has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status.
Pliska is a city in Northeastern Bulgaria in Shumen region. It is the First Bulgarian Capital. Medieval Pliska emerged as a settlement soon after the historic victory over Byzantium in 681. Pliska is the central residence of the Bulgarian rulers, the First Capital and the most populous city of the Early Medieval Bulgarian State.
The city of Veliki Preslav is located in Northeastern Bulgaria in Shumen region. Veliki Preslav was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Preslav is also known by the Preslav Literary School. Among the archaeological finds are the ceramic icon of St. Theodore Stratelates, the Preslav Gold Treasure, the ceramic iconostas of the Palace Monastery, a unique collection of lead seals and a valuable collection of epigraphic monuments.